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So... we have to pay to be safe? Because thats what it is.


I love this app

An app thats NOT overrated!

I am a female business owner. I have a vintage rental company and often need to pick up furniture and props from weddings or parties that run late into the night or early into the morning. Since I work all over the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, I cannot possibly be totally familiar with ALL of the locales I service, so I try to stay very situationally aware AND use this app as an extra layer of personal security as I approach and leave any venue. While I have thankfully never needed to utilize the app for cause, I did have a recent accidental deployment and I IMMEDIATELY received a text AND a phone call to verify my emergency. During the phone call, I had a pleasant conversation with a LIVE call center employee who truly seemed to care less about the false alarm than she did about confirming my emergency, assuring my safety and answering any questions I had about using the app. Later in the day, I received yet another text following up on the earlier encounter and again underscoring concern for my safety. THIS APP is technically sound, has an intuitive user interface, and an outstanding customer service team supporting it . And lastly, since not all 911 psaps (public safety answering points) can locate you from a cell phone, this app fills an important void.


Hmmmm how do you cancel your account because I cant find how I was just trying the app for the free trial Please HELP!!!


Ive had this app over a year and have never had to use it to its full potential. This morning I accidentally pocket dialed the app. The people behind the app texted to see if I was okay, called twice, and texted one more time before alerting authorities. All of this happened in under a minute before I realized my phone was vibrating in my pocket. I was luckily able to cancel the alert. They texted me one more time to make sure I was okay before reassuring me that false alarms happen sometimes. Later in the day one of the founders of the app even texted me to make sure all was well after the false alarm. Seeing the amount of effort and compassion put into this product really confirms my trust in the app. Even if you dont think youll ever need it, a product like this with a team like the one I experienced today could make all the difference in a bad situation. I fully support and appreciate the team that assured my safety this morning (and double checked this evening) after I accidentally called for help.

Best app I own

Im a college student at one of the largest universities in the US - this app is THE app that lets me feel safe when I have to be out late for work, studying, or hanging out because my university doesnt have many parking options. In the instance that you have to use this app and dont put in your pin before the timer reaches 0, REAL people text and call you to help. All college students should have this app. This app also has an Apple Watch version, very discreet. Its clear the people running this app have thought about many situations people may be in and have worked to accommodate them. Love safe trek!!!

Not just safe extremely safe

I accidentally opened this app and it sent a false alarm but I was notified that the police were being contacted and since it was false I quickly canceled it by entering my pin. I immediately received a text from one of the safe trek workers verifying my safety so the police alert could be canceled. It was amazing how fast they were! Then later in the day another different member texted me to further verify my safety. Everyone needs this app for sure. I am so impressed great job to the creators of this app!

Alone no more

So happy to have learned about this awesome app!! I work late at night and walking out to my car or to dump trash isnt fun by yourself after dark. This is the primary reason I got this but now I use it for so much more like walking in the parking deck or leaving alone after a night out. Thankfully Ive had no issues but accidentally set off alarm one evening. Immediately a safe trek rep called and also text me to make sure I was okay, if I had not responded back the police would have been called immediately. its comforting that this adds a extra layer of protection that 911 cannot because safe trek is tied to my cell, so the $3 a month is well worth the peace of mind when I need someone to walk me out, and have them available 24/7 to do so! Its also comforting to know by my mistake of accidentally activating alarm just how on top of it they are and not some computer, I even got a very nice text the next day checking on me again. 5 stars and 5 more!!!

Very smart app

This app is amazing. I have night school and I walk home, its a half an hour walk and its really late at night when I get out so this app is the best to have in situations like this. By mistake I let the timer of the app go off and they texted me asking if im okay and all that and later on texted me again and they called me making sure everythings fine and I think that is very smart and extremely kind of them to do, I recommend this app to everyone.


Save more lives by making this app free. Not everyone has the money for this, and safety shouldnt always have a price. So make it free, Id appreciate.

Night Classes

I have night classes this semester and my university is in the middle of one of the largest cities in California. Sexual assault is a topic that is rarely discussed and so it is unfortunate that many women/Others have to find apps like SafeTrek, but I am glad that SafeTrek is accessible and very helpful. I highly recommend SafeTrek because as soon as you release your finger and there is an actual alarm SafeTrek contacts you and if you dont answer then they contact your local police department. SafeTrek is very thorough when making sure that you are safe and it is one of those apps that you wont delete when you need extra space on your iPhone.

Strongly Recommend!

A huge shoutout to the makers of the SafeTrek app. I downloaded the app about a year ago, hoping I would never need it. At the time, I recommended it to family and friends on FB. Occasionally I have opened the app and kept my thumb on the screen while walking to and from my car at night but I never activated an alarm. Today while working in the OR, I accidentally and unknowingly set off an alarm. I keep my phone on silent at work so I was unaware that the SafeTrek reps were texting and calling me. When they didnt get a response, they were able to pinpoint my exact building location. They notified the hospital police department who came to the OR to make sure I was ok. SafeTrek also followed up twice later in the day. Im currently in a very remote area of Arizona. 9-1-1 services wouldnt have been so accurate ( and probably not so accommodating of a false alarm)! Im hugely impressed with the accuracy, response time and ease of use of the SafeTrek app. I think it should be on the home page of everyones phone. Thanks SafeTrek!

Peace of mind is priceless

Only $2.99 to have a sense of security ANY time im in a situation where I feel uncomfortable. Amazing idea and does exactly as it says with no additional frills getting in your way. Quick to access when you need it. Absolutely everyone should have this app, especially if you find yourself out late or in bad areas.

Incredibly helpful

I was walking through a sketchy, dimly lit parking lot and held the button until I finally reached my car. When I released the button I had forgotten my pin and when I couldnt enter it correctly after several times, and after I said I didnt want the police called, the app sent me a text telling me they were about to call me. The woman who answered was so sweet and helpful, she made sure I was safe and I now I can rest assured this app actually works and the people behind it care.


Definitely download this app, its like having a look out @ all times. As long as my faith in jesus & my safe trek works I am Unstoppable

Great App!

I absolutely love that I dont have to say anything or dial anyone to let someone know Im in trouble. So if some guy is being a total creep or threatening me, he isnt going to know that Im calling for help, which could make him mad. Easy to use! SafeTrek texts me and checks on me! And Im talking to real people. Not a robot

I feel so safe

I got this app over a half a year ago, I lucky never had to use it, but I once accidentally open the app and sent out an alarm without even noticing until it started buzzing and asked me for my pin, me having a memory of a goldfish completely forgot it in no less than a minute they called me and after me telling them it was an accidental call they texted me asking if I was okay, then later on the founder(Zach) texted me that he was glad to here that I was safe and he just wanted to drop in and make sure everything is okay! That is so amazing! It really shows that they care about your well being! I highly recommend this app for anybody walking home late at night,like me, or just to feel safe, just like I do.

Cheapest personal security in an application :)

As a young independent woman, who has invested money into personal protection, this application is affordable, and ideal for maintaining a healthy peace of mind regarding: sexual assaults, sexual predators, harm, or robbery. I love the price, and encourage anyone hesitant or suffers from paranoia, to invest in this wonderful innovative application. Since I travel for work (alone) I need to always have a peace of mind. Safetrek, lets me adventure with a peaceful mind. Their response team is attentive to clients who subscribe. Wonderful millennial application :)

Safety should be free

This is a great idea for an app, and I know the people who made the app have to make money somehow, but a lot of people will not keep the app when they have to pay $2.00 a month. They should make to where you have to pay like 3-5 dollars up front for the app and then get all the apps functions, this app will save a lot of lives and reduce kidnappings by a lot.


okay I like this app but I really hate how Im gonna have to pay for it & I really would not like to, Im broke so ?????

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