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I think the app is a very good safety app except I did not like how you had to pay every month. If you are going to make someone pay in the app just make up pay for the app

Nice, but Im not paying for any subscription

I downloaded this app to feel safe when I go out at night, but my parents arent alright with paying $2 a month for this app. Id totally keep it and use it if it was free.

My safety should not cost $$

Look, I love this app, Ive been using it since it first came out and I appreciate it. But now I guess theyve started charging monthly which is frankly appalling. I cannot get on board with something that puts a price on peoples safety. So Ive deleted it. I encourage the creator of this application to take away the monthly fee. Some of us cant spare 2.99 a month which is very sad but true.

Payment seriously?!

This app is great for ppl who can afford $3 a month. I just downloaded it and was ready to use it except to see I have to pay which isnt a good thing because lots of ppl in emergencies need the app but was if they cant pay for it whose gonna keep them safe then?

Paying for this app!!

I walk from school after my cheer/dance practice is done. It is always dark outside when I walk and I live 10 mins away from my school so it takes me about an hour to walk home. I was on Instagram at my house, and I heard about this app SafeTrek. I thought it would be a great thing to have when walking home alone from school. One day I was walking home, and it was darker than usual because we had a basketball game and they last forever. I was walking home and I decided to whip out the app. I opened it and I made an account and I was all set. Then something popped up, I read it and it said I had to pay for it. My parents wont let me even buy music or any apps you have to pay for, so how am I supposed to use this and keep myself safe. That was also the night when an amber alert decided to go off in my area saying there was a robber in my area. Ive never been more scared in my life.

Great App, Great Service

Possibly the one app I always remember to put on my phone; I was an early adopter and betad the original app! Its helped me with peace of mind countless times and has helped me in actual situations three times. It works, there is an immediate HUMAN response, and it really does contact the police. As someone with PTSD, two abduction attempts in my teens, and the added insecurity of being on the Autism spectrum under my belt...this just makes me feel good to have. Its an alarm system FOR YOUR BODY. Thats worth 2.99 a month and it sure beats what I had 10 years ago- which was a knife, a flip phone, and running crying through a park.

No no no

I dont want to have to pay for the app, or do a free trial.. If it was going to force me to pay, then it should have made you pay for the app.. I hate it. Not worth wasting space. -thereviewer

Why do we have to pay for protection

Now dont get me wrong here. This app seems great. But however it would be used by many more people if it was a free app. We shouldnt have to pay to be safe. Its not much money at all but still.

Worth it

I had a dream last night where I got kidnapped and in my dream I used safe trek to call the cops and help me and it worked im not even kidding. Ive never had to use this app in real life, but having it makes me feel safer, especially since Ill be going to college soon and away from my small hometown into a larger city.


If they were truly concerned about saving lives, the app should be free. People shouldnt have to pay for help. Make it accessible to all!

Amazing but..

So I live in Dfw... Be for warn when you use this app. You might have to get a permit for this app through dpd. I had to get a permit to use this app or I would be fined 500 dollars. Other than that love this app. It works wonders when I walk home from work.

Although I have just downloaded the app, reading these reviews make me want to have it with me at all times. I babysit a lot alone and where I live its far away from any busy places so having it now makes me feel safer even though I have 2 dogs with me whenever I babysit there can still be the possibility. I am currently babysitting when I heard the back gate shut. Quickly thinking I went outside to check what that was after making sure it was nothing I made sure I had the app downloaded in case of an emergency as a teen and a girl I feel like this app is worth the $2.99 fee. I hope more apps like this are made and help keep anyone from danger and any parents are willing to pay the fee and get the app for their children to keep them safe at all times when their alone


okay I like this app but I really hate how Im gonna have to pay for it & I really would not like to, Im broke so ?????

Safety should be free

This is a great idea for an app, and I know the people who made the app have to make money somehow, but a lot of people will not keep the app when they have to pay $2.00 a month. They should make to where you have to pay like 3-5 dollars up front for the app and then get all the apps functions, this app will save a lot of lives and reduce kidnappings by a lot.

Cheapest personal security in an application :)

As a young independent woman, who has invested money into personal protection, this application is affordable, and ideal for maintaining a healthy peace of mind regarding: sexual assaults, sexual predators, harm, or robbery. I love the price, and encourage anyone hesitant or suffers from paranoia, to invest in this wonderful innovative application. Since I travel for work (alone) I need to always have a peace of mind. Safetrek, lets me adventure with a peaceful mind. Their response team is attentive to clients who subscribe. Wonderful millennial application :)

I feel so safe

I got this app over a half a year ago, I lucky never had to use it, but I once accidentally open the app and sent out an alarm without even noticing until it started buzzing and asked me for my pin, me having a memory of a goldfish completely forgot it in no less than a minute they called me and after me telling them it was an accidental call they texted me asking if I was okay, then later on the founder(Zach) texted me that he was glad to here that I was safe and he just wanted to drop in and make sure everything is okay! That is so amazing! It really shows that they care about your well being! I highly recommend this app for anybody walking home late at night,like me, or just to feel safe, just like I do.

Great App!

I absolutely love that I dont have to say anything or dial anyone to let someone know Im in trouble. So if some guy is being a total creep or threatening me, he isnt going to know that Im calling for help, which could make him mad. Easy to use! SafeTrek texts me and checks on me! And Im talking to real people. Not a robot


Definitely download this app, its like having a look out @ all times. As long as my faith in jesus & my safe trek works I am Unstoppable

Incredibly helpful

I was walking through a sketchy, dimly lit parking lot and held the button until I finally reached my car. When I released the button I had forgotten my pin and when I couldnt enter it correctly after several times, and after I said I didnt want the police called, the app sent me a text telling me they were about to call me. The woman who answered was so sweet and helpful, she made sure I was safe and I now I can rest assured this app actually works and the people behind it care.

Peace of mind is priceless

Only $2.99 to have a sense of security ANY time im in a situation where I feel uncomfortable. Amazing idea and does exactly as it says with no additional frills getting in your way. Quick to access when you need it. Absolutely everyone should have this app, especially if you find yourself out late or in bad areas.

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